Friday, 25 July 2014

The affiliate journey begins

Although I have made a lot of money selling software online becoming a reseller, I always wanted to work on different affiliate products as I have heard the buzz around it and people making some decent amounts every month selling items without stocking. With a technology background, bits of development, php, systems administration I was tiered and moved into techno commercial sales, which worked out well for me.

I recently decided to take this journey to the next step and started doing some serious research on affiliate marketing.

I initially tried the following methods:
Building blogs, seo, social media marketing, which is really good and interesting but takes a lot longer to generate stable traffic. 

I created a blogspot account considering I would be able to generate traffic through social media tools I had, but it was a longer process than expected.

The next that I learnt was Media buying but before that I signed up with the following using my blogspot blog which is not too great, as I had some offers on it thats all as a trial but lost interest.
Signed up with Commission Junction
Signed up with Click Bank

I also got a few tools that help me do the tracking which I will explain in my next post step by step, but I am always looking for help and I have created this blog to take you through my journey as I have experienced first hand the eCommerce rush and have made 6 figure amounts in direct selling to local government, schools as well as retail chains.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this blog I would be happy for people to help me in return for my experiences as I consider myself a newbie to affiliate marketing.

I have literally started the process last week researching and testing various paid marketing methods, as I learnt from experience that SEO, content building will take a lot of time to generate traffic.

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