Saturday, 26 July 2014

High Traffic Generation Methods for Affiliate marketing

I specially thank Vick for teaching me something awesome I have not known in so many years! Even though I used to do marketing through social media and bits of adwords marketing, I had no clue of generating the type of traffic we usually have at our fingertips, the way Vick says "a button to switch on and off"

A lot of you may already know about how such traffic is generated but I am sharing my experiences for newbie's who are not in the industry and would like to do the same, and for you who are experts at this, I'd love to hear more, as its always a learning curve for me and I am still a newbie in affiliate marketing.

First the basics:
CPC (Cost per click) PPC (Pay per click) are the standard modes we use when advertising with Facebook, Twitter promoted ads and Google Adwords. The key are ones I am about to mention.

PPV (Pay per view), CPV (Cost per view): Amazing modes which I have always seen but not experienced until I saw Vick's brilliant videos which I will share in my next post.

PPV Marketing (Pay Per View Marketing), also know as CPV Marketing (Cost Per View Marketing) and sometimes referred to as Contextual Downloadable Software and Textlink Ads. People who download toolbars and play games online or view various content through specific toolbars get to view your ad when it is served with them browsing specific websites or searching for specific content on search engines. One of the best ways to target potential customers.

CPM (Cost per mile) or cost per 1000 views is another mode of low cost advertising where you reach audiences in specific countries, I have yet to see targeting in this, but so far based on my little knowledge I have seen you could be country or city targeted when it comes to CPM. So if you wanted to reach out to consumers in a specific country it would be an amazing low cost model approach.

OPL (Solo ads), this was again taught by Vic, is a kind of marketing where you contact website owners with blogs, ezines and newsletter groups to send your ad to their user base. The key here is to find relevant blogs and ask them specific questions to ensure your ads will work. They are generally cheaper to advertise with and based on the feedback of different users generate good sales. I have yet to try it this weekend.

Google Display Advertising: I have seen this a lot more effective than the text ads, I have run them on various occasions. Slightly cheaper than Google text ads.

Google Shopping: Another good mode tested but may have a lot of competition depending on the type of products you sell. 

Adexchanges and Link exchanges: Additional ways to market still under research, will share the details when I am ready!

If you are selling your own products I would recommend the following:
Amazon US
Amazon Europe (please note that both the platforms are different)
eBay Seller Account
Google Shopping
Google Play store (for your apps)
Apple store (if you are selling Mac products)

These are good for visibility of your products.

Friday, 25 July 2014

The affiliate journey begins

Although I have made a lot of money selling software online becoming a reseller, I always wanted to work on different affiliate products as I have heard the buzz around it and people making some decent amounts every month selling items without stocking. With a technology background, bits of development, php, systems administration I was tiered and moved into techno commercial sales, which worked out well for me.

I recently decided to take this journey to the next step and started doing some serious research on affiliate marketing.

I initially tried the following methods:
Building blogs, seo, social media marketing, which is really good and interesting but takes a lot longer to generate stable traffic. 

I created a blogspot account considering I would be able to generate traffic through social media tools I had, but it was a longer process than expected.

The next that I learnt was Media buying but before that I signed up with the following using my blogspot blog which is not too great, as I had some offers on it thats all as a trial but lost interest.
Signed up with Commission Junction
Signed up with Click Bank

I also got a few tools that help me do the tracking which I will explain in my next post step by step, but I am always looking for help and I have created this blog to take you through my journey as I have experienced first hand the eCommerce rush and have made 6 figure amounts in direct selling to local government, schools as well as retail chains.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this blog I would be happy for people to help me in return for my experiences as I consider myself a newbie to affiliate marketing.

I have literally started the process last week researching and testing various paid marketing methods, as I learnt from experience that SEO, content building will take a lot of time to generate traffic.